bringing it back to OUR roots


What is

L’amour Lumière

L’amour Lumière makes vegan health and beauty products. Each ingredient is handpicked, organically sourced from mother nature and has vital vitamins and minerals that help cleanse and heal the body.  While other companies use ingredients that are difficult to pronounce, we take the mystery out of what you put in and on your body by using easy to understand ingredients.

L’amour Lumière translates to "love and light" in French. This is important because  each product's ingredients come from the earth and every plant, flower and herb need two things in order to grow to their full potential: "love" and "light."

How we give back

A portion of the proceeds from our sales go to the National Healthcare for the Homeless Council. The NHCHC works to end homelessness by ensuring healthcare and housing for all. Their mission is to build an equitable, high quality health care system through training, research and advocacy in the movement to end homelessness.

Many of their members help with their cause by delivering direct health care and support services to those currently experiencing homelessness.